Why does my dog ​​scratch? 3 scientific reasons


Scabies is an extremely poisonous skin disease caused by different ectoparasites. Also known as scoliosis, it is one of the most common diseases in dogs.

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A parasitic-mite that burrows into the skin of a dog and causes scabies. Noticing that there are different species of mites, sometimes it can be seen that the dog scratches, and there is no apparent cause for it.

Only the healthcare professional can confirm if a dog has scabies or not.

The signs of parasites are not the same at all times of the year, so this factor must also be taken into notice, as some allergens may be present at some times of the year, but absent in others. If the dog is scratched, it is recommended to go to a doctor to check if the signs are real. Prevention and deworming are better than cure.

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