Why does my dog ​​scratch? 3 scientific reasons

Dogs scratch regularly. However, at the time when they do this act continuously, and they feel uncomfortable, we have to check what the possible causes may be.

Here Are The Reasons Why Dog ​Scratches

Presence of parasites:

Parasites are organisms of very different sizes, they can be seen with the natural eye, or they can be microscopic. This organism is defined as one that feeds on the substances produced by a living being, whether it lives inside or on its surface while causing damage or harm.

Among all those that are classified as parasites, we can find ticks, fleas, or lice. These three parasites are responsible for itching in dogs.

Ticks and fleas are hematophagous, which means they feed on the animal’s blood. Through their oral apparatus, they draw the animal’s blood, but at the same time, they can transmit diseases.

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Although ticks are visible to the natural eye and can be removed with tweezers, the same is not valid for lice and fleas. Both fleas and lice are small in size, and it is not easy to identify them, noticing the color or shape of the dog’s fur.

Therefore, they are considered as one of the most likely causes of itching in dogs. To prevent them from harming the dog, it is advisable to perform deworming periodically.

The doctor will explain the most advisable products for deworming. Currently, there is an excellent variety of deworming products in the market.