Why does my dog ​​have dandruff? Effective solutions

Like humans, we can also detect dandruff in our dog’s coat. Various causes can reveal its appearance, since it is not just an aesthetic problem, as you may think.

Proper hygiene and quality food are the basis for keeping our dog’s coat shiny. But, when dandruff is due to disease, the vet must perform a treatment.

Dandruff in dogs

Dandruff is the peeling of skin cells that shed and remain on the dog’s coat. It can occur in any specimen, regardless of age, race, or sex.

Dandruff is a sign that we should always pay attention to, as it indicates health problems. These can be less or more serious. Therefore we must find the cause to remedy it.

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The different reasons that trigger dandruff

There are many reasons capable of generating dandruff in a dog. Among them are handling problems that we can solve with a few simple changes in the care we provide to our dog. But other causes are related to diseases for which we will need the intervention of the vet.