Is it good or bad to cut dog’s hair in summer?

How can we keep our dogs cool in the summer?

Apart from keeping them hydrated, short-haired dogs can put a cloth or an absorbent towel with freshwater around the neck to lower the temperature.

Remember that it is important to know that those who are going to suffer from the heat are just all short-haired dogs. You have to be very careful with all of them, especially those that are brachycephalic such as the Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Boxer, among others.

Dogs of the breeds mentioned above will be more exposed to high temperatures specifically because they have very little sub-hair, there is almost no protection for them, the sun rays go straight to the skin, and it is extremely dangerous to take them out in hours with lots of sun.

Take care of your dogs during the next season. Don’t forget to take it to the vet every so often.

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