Is it good or bad to cut dog’s hair in summer?

What should be taken into account to cut a dog’s hair in summer?

We can also relieve heat, shave or cut the hair of the belly and the whole lower part of the chest, sometimes they like to lie on the floor of the houses and in ventilated environments to cool off. And if your pet has long hairs on the upper part of its body, like a long coat german shepherd has, in this case, you can cut the top body hairs for just 1 or 2 centimeters, but make sure don’t cut more than this, else it will cause problems for your dog.

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You always have to protect all the skin of pets so they can have their normal life and for example, go for a walk to the beach and cool off; they will not have so much knot problem because the hair will be shorter but with protected skin.

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