Is it good or bad to cut dog’s hair in summer?

Many pet owners believe that when they cut their hair, they will be more comfortable or will not suffer from the heat. However, this does not always happen.

Dog care in summer

Should we cut the hair of our dogs in summer?

Definitely not. The hair in the summer is not cut since the natural thermal insulator in the dogs tackle all this situation.

Therefore, it is a myth to say that they will be more relaxed when they are shaved; it is quite the opposite. If we shave, it will cause the sun to enter the skin directly, and that will make the dog much hotter.

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When we shave or cut that hair with a cutting machine, we are causing that hair to weaken and die in the follicle, and the sub-hair clogs that, that surplus of sub-hair is not only going to fall more hair in the house, it will change the texture and color of hair.a

The best analogy that can be given is like when an Arab puts the blankets over his head to protect himself from the hot desert weather.

So, if we leave hair on the dog, it is to protect it. If we shave it, it will not only have more heat, but it can cause some skin problems such as folliculitis, seborrhea, or allergies because we are going to leave the skin unprotected.

Also, severe sunburn can be caused on the skin, we should avoid walking our dog at times where the sun is extreme, not take them out between 11 am and 2 pm, these are critical times where the radiation is extremely high.