How To Have Cats And Dogs In The Same House

Believe it or not, you can have cats and dogs in the same house. They can live in harmony, tranquility, and respect. But depending on your situation, achieving this harmony could be a little difficult. However, here we will teach you how to have dogs and cats in the same house.

First of all, we have to understand their behaviors. They are often more influenced and dictated by their instincts, and by their ancestors during the development and course of their lives.

That is, if our dog has a history of aggressiveness and intolerance, even with other dogs, it will be challenging to get him to live with the cat. It is not impossible, but it is more challenging to achieve this type of coexistence.

In these types of cases, before trying to make our dog live with the cat, we have to work on the behavior of our dog. In general, to alleviate, control, and eradicate those negative emotions.

Something very similar happens with cats, although they adapt more quickly to new pets, even if they are from other animal species. Now that these points have been made clear, I invite you to read the instructions that you will see below.

What do you need to have cats and dogs in the same house?

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Food
  • Water
  • Toys
  • Towel
  • Rooms

Instructions to keep cats and dogs in the same house

  1. Understand the age differences and what this implies within the animal coexistence. In the case of young cats and dogs, when coexistence begins from childhood, it is much easier for them to adapt to each other without a problem and without making an effort to get along. It is even possible that within their coexistence, they consider themselves as part of the herd. But in the case of adult animals or when there is a noticeable age difference between them, coexistence can be more difficult, and we will have to work harder to achieve harmony between the two.
  2. It is essential that the new pet, be it a cat or a dog, has a safe personal space where no one hurts it, not dogs, not other cats, much less human, nobody. In this place, it must have water, food, and a comfortable place to sleep.
  3. Let’s unite them by smell. Before we even think about putting our two pets together in the same room, we have to make them know each other subtly. For this, we will use smell as a tool. Animals associate smell with different types of stimuli. The stimuli we want to create are positive stimuli. To achieve this, we will feed our pets, each one separately, in rooms together, preferably, they will eat in front of the doors.
  4. We do this so that our pets relate the smell of each other to something positive such as mealtime. We will do this for a few weeks. This way, the dog will understand that this guy on the other side of the door is not a threat to him, and will relate his scent to something positive.
  5. We will continue to use smell as a strategic tool to bring our pets closer and get used to their presence. We will embrace our pets with a clean towel. We will use this towel to pet both animals. In this way, our pets will be able to smell each other indirectly, and they will relate this aroma to something positive, which in this case, is petting.
  6. When approximately one month has passed since the arrival of our new pet in the house, we will take the individual who already lived in the house to the room of our new pet. But, we will do this without our pets meeting together there to avoid feeling threatened or tense. In this room where we used to have our new pet, we will feed our other pet whom we try to get used to the new family member.

Tips for keeping cats and dogs in the same house

  • Do not get carried away by the myth that cats and dogs cannot coexist or are natural enemies. This is a lie promoted by the media and generally by the cinema for profit. In real life, domestic animals such as cats and dogs can coexist in perfect harmony.
  • Even when we talk about rabbits and cats, ferrets, whose, or even canaries, when we teach our pets to value and respect other individuals, even their instincts can be controlled.
  • Take all the time you need. Getting a cat and a dog (especially the elderly) to live together can be a little difficult together. But with time, effort, and dedication, we can ensure that they are respected and coexist harmoniously.