How Much Should Cats Weigh? What’s Right for Your Cat

Cats, like people, can become obese according to the type of diet they undergo, which is why today we tell you what is the ideal weight of a pet feline, thus preventing yours from becoming very fat.

The cats have a slender body and are pretty healthy because they have to make different shapes with their bodies and are generally flexible and almost elastic, so it is a wonder to observe when a cat home has an oversized or overweight suffer.

Cats, as we have said, must have an ideal weight to be able to run, jump, and wiggle, so the most feasible by size and breed is not to exceed 15 kilos, because from then on it is considered overweight, even those 15 kilos is too much.

Never forget that dogs and cats must have an appropriate weight with their size and breed, so you have to control the way they are fed and offer them a life without a sedentary lifestyle so that they grow up healthy and happy.

Diet, weight, and obesity in cats

Obese cats.

They are those who are above their ideal weight and present various difficulties such as heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, and other disorders that can take their toll on the health of our feline pets. Therefore we must avoid being overweight with healthy food.

Slim or fat.

The idea is that the cat that does not present a little more flesh is not healthy and very far from that. More than anything, it is about preventing it from becoming overweight. Still, not exceeding the weight it should have, so it is recommended to have a balance in your cat’s body without exceeding a maximum of 12 kilos.

Eat to live.

Many of the cats want to spend the day eating exaggeratedly, so their owners are so kind that they consider the option of filling their eating bowl at all times, and the idea is to make them a schedule like dogs and prevent them from gaining weight.

Diabetes in cats.

This is a disease that is killing cats because of the overweight that accumulates due to the amount of food they eat from our hands. Therefore, choose to give them healthy food according to their age as many times as necessary and thus keep them healthy.

Support the weight.

Cats due to their size and structure should not exceed their weight since they will not support it. Therefore they must be kept at the correct weight, which is what we have said before. Animal nutrition specialists recommend this.

Race and height.

What a cat can weigh will depend on the size of the feline as well as their age. Therefore it is essential to be in contact with the veterinarian to keep it at the ideal weight. In addition to food and feed for cats, a table appears with the portions or servings they should eat daily.


  • Make a daily exercise routine for your cat
  • Find his special place and put something with which he can entertain himself.