How do cats stay cool in the heat?

Cats, like dogs, are animals that do not sweat through the skin like us, that we use sweat as a means to cool the body. Cats are kept cool, mainly, through the mouth and pads of their paws.

Thermoregulation in cats

Dogs and cats have a normal body temperature of about 38-39 ° C and 38.5-39.5 ° C. When temperatures are very high, as is the case in summer, certain heat response mechanisms are activated.

Cats sweat through the sweat glands located in the pads of the paws; They are also refrigerated, keeping their mouths open, just like dogs. This is a biological process by which cats are kept cool and fresh.

However, excessive panting in cats can be a symptom of a lot of stress or a health problem. If you detect an alarming gasp, consult your veterinarian.

As we all have seen that cats lick their bodies, they do it to distribute saliva throughout their body, which reduces body temperature. Other ways to cool off are certain behaviors such as hiding under the shade or greater contact with a cold surface.

How to keep cats cool in summer

In summer, when temperatures are extreme, we have to take care of our pets against heatstroke, which can be very dangerous. We always have to make sure that the animals in our care have enough water and a cool place where they can rest.

Since cats do not usually go outside or enjoy outdoor baths, we can refresh them in the following ways:

Cool the inside of the house.

Use the fan or turn on the air conditioner, not at a very low temperature, to cool your home.

Make hiding places.

Cats like to hide; If the hiding place is also a place in the shade, where they can be cool and quiet, they will make this space their favorite place for summer.

Water always available.

Cats are more special with the place they choose to drink; They always prefer fresh, clean, and moving water. They will choose stainless steel or ceramic drinking fountain than a plastic one, wide and shallow, but without a doubt, they prefer the sources where the water is always in motion or some tap of our house.

Offer it wet food.

The wet food contains more water than dry feed. Do not leave the food in the sun or exposed to high temperatures, as it will spoil and can be indigestible for your cat; After a while, remove everything that has not been eaten.

Brush your cat daily.

Brushing keeps hair untangled and skin healthy and airy: it is a way to keep it fresh, as it prevents the animal from accumulating dead hair for a long time.

Wet towels.

If your cat tolerates it, you can refresh it by passing wet towels on its skin; Towel water will get an effect similar to sweat. Do not do it too often, and it is not convenient for the cat to keep the skin moist for a long time, as it could even catch fungus.

Water games.

There are toys for cats that work with water. They are usually games that stimulate their hunting instinct while cooling.