Groom a Cat : The Correct Way To Groom a Cat?

Groom a Cat : A popular practice among feline tutors is to take them sporadically to the pet shop for grooming. However, is this necessary in all cases? After all, shaving the furry cat is practically a rule, but what about pets with shorter fur? Do they also need to trim the “hairstyle”?

To help you better understand how the cat grooming process works, we have prepared this article with some useful tips and information. Therefore, be sure to read the article until the end to know what are the necessary cares for your pussy!

Groom a Cat : Do cats need to be groomed?

Generally, warmer and drier climates make the feline impatient and very hot. In this case, the hygienic grooming in a cat is important, especially in pussies with many hairs. Also, cutting and combing the pet’s coat regularly prevents the strands from matting and becoming a problem.

On the other hand, you don’t need to shave a short-haired cat. That’s because pussies with less hair don’t feel as hot. Also, there is no risk of knots forming in the coat.

Groom a Cat : Tips for grooming cats

The main tip for those who need to groom a cat is to take it to a reliable pet store. Animals that experience trauma during this procedure become reclusive and skittish (not only when they are taken to shave but also in everyday life). Therefore, it is essential that qualified professionals do the grooming.

So, try to get to know the pet shop well. Hear feedback about the place and ensure your pet’s safety. Another tip is to ensure that the pet is always attended to at the same establishment. Since cats like routine, adaptation will be quicker and more practical.

When you take your pet to groom, don’t leave it alone. So you see how the furry is being treated, and he feels safe with your presence. If the pussy gets restless with you around, get out of his field of vision.

Finally, know that the sooner the pussy is presented to the cat grooming, the better. That’s because it’s much easier to get the pet to get used to the procedure if he’s been groomed from a puppy.

The ideal pet shop for grooming

As mentioned, reliable pet shops are essential when looking for a place to groom the cat. Therefore, it is important to visit the establishment and find out if the procedures adopted are adequate.

During your visit, note details that can make all the difference. The first step is to check if the clipping room has a glass partition. This way, you can see what is being done with your pet all the time.

The second recommendation is to pay attention to whether the instruments are sterilized, as dirty blades can transmit diseases to your cat. Also, make sure the establishment is clean. Dirty areas say a lot about the quality of service offered in that particular environment.

Also, make sure the groomer is delicate and takes good care of the pet. You can tell if he’s treating the pet properly when it’s not rough and does the job patiently. This factor makes all the difference to the cat’s well-being.

What are the grooming procedures?

Groom a Cat

After finding a qualified professional, it will be very simple to resolve the issue of your pussy hair. However, some curious pet owners may want to know how to groom a cat and the steps in the process. So, check out the important steps below.

Have the instruments and a suitable place for clipping

The first step is to separate the materials that will be used for grooming the cat, such as scissors, trimmer, towel, and brush. Next, it is necessary to find a flat, clean place with plenty of space so that you can handle the pet and the instruments.

Groom a Cat : Comb the cat before grooming

Groom a Cat

When the pussy is as comfortable as possible, it is important to comb it to untangle the fur. This helps to pinpoint strategic areas that should be trimmed, as it is possible to identify where the hairs are concentrated.

Groom a Cat :

Groom a Cat

While the cat is being combed, the pet shop professional can start trimming the fur wherever he thinks it is necessary. Using more than one size scissors helps to cut tactical points such as ears, tail, nipple, and anus. Also, clipping machines can be used during the process.

Remember: all of the above procedures must be performed by experienced professionals. After all, you don’t want to hurt your friend, do you?

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