Does The Cat Growl? Know how to interpret your pet’s signals!

Does The Cat Growl? : In addition to being cute and fun, pussies are quite mysterious. Due to their personality, it can sometimes be difficult to understand them. Therefore, certain behaviors can be misinterpreted. Is it, for example, that a cat growls when it is bothered by something?

Growling is a behavior well known to dog handlers. However, do cats also use this method to indicate that something is wrong? If yes, why does the cat growl? What signs indicate that a mustache is dissatisfied? Find out the answers to these questions below!

After all, cats growls?

Does The Cat Growl?

Some factors can make the furry angry and, in these cases, this is a common reaction.

The sound of cats growling, however, is a little different from the noise made by dogs. Cats usually make a low and hoarse sound, but the tone can vary according to the characteristics of the pet.

In addition to growling, the cat may show other signs when it is uncomfortable, such as body position and tail movements. So, pay attention to all the signs to know if your furry is going through a rough patch.

Does The Cat Growl? : Why do cats do this?

Does The Cat Growl?

Okay, we already know that cats growls. But what makes him have this reaction? To answer this question, we need to take into account some feline characteristics. Cats still carry much of the personality of their wild ancestors.

A classic example is the strong notion of territorialism in cats. Anyone who has one of these furry ones at home knows very well that pets like to be the “owners of the piece.”

Their home is their domain for pets, and any foreign elements can be seen as a threat. In this sense, we can mention three main reasons to come across a growling cat.

Does The Cat Growl? : Fear

Cats follow the law of the jungle. Thus, they are always on the lookout for possible predator attacks. Therefore, our friends need to be in a comfortable and safe environment.

Strange elements can sound like a threat to the pussy. Consequently, we can have a cat growling at the owner or at other animals, for example. The situations below often scare the furry:

  • House changes;
  • The arrival of a new pet;
  • Busy places;
  • Loud and unexpected noises;
  • People with whom the pet is not familiar.

So, if the cat growls while it is in one of the contexts mentioned above, don’t be surprised. The tip is to make sure the pussy is as calm as possible. Thus, it may be necessary to place the pet in a calm environment until a certain situation is resolved and, thus, the fear passes.

Does The Cat Growl? : Boredom and stress

Does The Cat Growl?

After a stressful day, it’s natural to get a little irritated, isn’t it? The same happens with pets. The situations mentioned above can, yes, make the cat tense. However, there is an extra factor that can contribute to stress: boredom.

Unlike what many imagine, cats are active pets and full of energy. The hunting instinct is in the DNA of pussies. Therefore, they need to be encouraged.

A monotonous environment can make your pet angry and result in a cat growling at another pet or someone in your family. So take a few minutes out of your day to play with your four-legged child.

If you are away from home for a long time, the recommendation is to invest in environmental enrichment. For example, some accessories transform your home into a real amusement park for cats and, with this, your friend can spend energy and be more relaxed.


Ancestral characteristics also influence how cats demonstrate pain. An injured, limping, or downed animal can be an easier prey in nature. Following this logic, felines have the habit of masking any illness and, therefore, it is difficult to identify when a furry is sick.

To maintain their hunting posture, pussies always try to appear strong and fearless. So, if the cat has suddenly changed its behavior, see a veterinarian. The specialist will be able to make a diagnosis and see if there is something wrong with the furry.

An injured cat can get angry, angry, and growl. Touching, even for a cuddle, can indeed be uncomfortable for the pussy. Therefore, the tutor must pay attention to this type of detail.

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