Do Cats Miss The Owner? Find out and see what your cat feels

Do Cats Miss The Owner :

Do cats miss their owner? This is a question that intrigues many cat keepers. After all, cats have a very peculiar style of showing their emotions. With their elegance and a certain indifference, it can be difficult to understand the cats’ feelings.

The fact is that it is not just the tutors who are looking for answers. Researchers around the world have been trying to understand this issue. If you want to know if cats miss their owner, read on.

The independence of cats: a case of science

Do Cats Miss The Owner

Anyone who has a pussy at home knows that our four-legged friends are cute, fun, and great companions. However, furry ones are also known for their great independence, a common cats behavior.

After all, they don’t need walks, they bury their needs and even bathe themselves. So, in 2015, researchers at the University of Lincoln, England, tried to better understand the extent to which cats are independent.

For this, they carried out the following experiment: 20 cats were placed in a room together with their guardians. Then the tutors left, and the cats were left alone with strangers.

Finally, they measured the reactions when the pets were completely alone in the environment. The results showed that the cats’ independence is greater than you think!

The result of the experiment

In their analysis, the researchers found that cats have a small sense of attachment, much less than dogs, for example. This means that they don’t feel dependent on their tutors and, consequently, don’t bother as much when they’re alone.

This factor is called the “security loop,” which is widely used to measure the dependence on babies. In other words, cats are independent, and they know it very well. But does this mean that cats don’t miss their owner?

Do Cats Miss The Owner : Ancestral independence

Do Cats Miss The Owner

You might be thinking: You don’t need a study to know that cats behave independently, do you? However, we must remember that mustaches were domesticated thousands of years ago and, in that time, have undergone different evolution.

Typically, this process makes pets dependent for tasks such as food and hygiene. However, research shows that felines have gone through a different domestication and retain many traces of their wild ancestors.

So, as cute and helpless as the four-legged friend seems, he would probably be able to get by, even hunting for his own food. That’s why when the cat sees his tutor leaving his house, he doesn’t get desperate, because he knows he’s self-sufficient!

Do Cats Miss The Owner : Autonomous and loving

What many don’t know is that being an independent pet can mean that cats have feelings. This is information that scientists themselves claim! In fact, from a certain point of view, this is a real proof of the cats’ love.

Their relationship is not for the sake of interest, as they know they can live very well without their guardians. In other words, the cat shows affection out of sheer affection, not to win a pot of kibble

Do Cats Miss The Owner : Signs Your Cat Loves You

Do Cats Miss The Owner

Such complex research is not necessary to know if cats like the owner. If you have a cat at home, just watch for signs of love and affection. Pay attention to the situations below:

  • When the cat sleeps with you;
  • When he licks you;
  • If when you arrive, the cats let out several short, quick meows;
  • If the furry looks at you and blinks for a long time;
  • If the cat is purring when you arrive;
  • If the cat lies down and shows its fluffy belly, asking for a cuddle;
  • If the furry rubs your legs when you arrive.

All of these attitudes above are signs that cats miss their owner. They are related to cats’ ancestral behaviors, such as their sense of survival and territory marking. It’s as if your cat says: This is my human, and I trust him! So, enjoy the affection and reciprocate.

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