Cat’s Nails : learn how to take care of your pet!

If you have a cat at home, you’ve probably already wondered about some of his felines. In addition to questions about behavior and sociability, their anatomy, but precisely the cat’s claws, usually generate a lot of doubt in tutors.

After all, these beauties are trademarks of pussies and their antics, with sofas being their favorite victims! But do you know what cat nails are for? And how to take care of them? If you don’t know, discover it all here.

Cat’s nails: What are cat nails for?

Cat's nails

Cat nails are used to grab objects, climb, scratch, and defend themselves. So, we can keep in mind how fundamental this structure is for the pet’s development.

As part of the anatomy, nails help cats to balance and maintain adequate mobility. Formed by an accumulation of keratin, they are retractable and remain under the animal’s skin, appearing through stimulation, such as in moments of defense or that require greater stability from the animal.

Regarding the scratching instinct, the claws are great allies in pet relaxation. They’re stress-reducing and even a form of fun—marking surfaces is a natural behavior that’s super-beneficial for pussies’ health.

Cat’s nails: Find out why trimming cat nails is so important!

Cat's nails

Since claws are essential for the development of felines, it is essential to stay on top of the main cares with your cat’s nail to keep it healthy.

As with ours, pussies’ nails keep growing. However, especially for them, keeping their nails long not only bothers but can also bring real risks.

Among the main problems, the long nails hinder the feline’s mobility, and because they grow in a curved shape, they increase the sensitivity when entering under the skin of the kittens – in the cushions, also known as “pads.”

When these problems happen, they cause a lot of pain and even stress to the animal, “It’s like an ingrown toenail in humans. Therefore, tutors must always be aware of the structures and even, if possible, learn how to cut cats’ nails.

Cat’s nails : Tips for trimming cat nails at home

Cat's nails

To take care of your cat’s nails, the best thing is to take it to the veterinarian, so that the specialist can treat and cut them properly. That’s because the nails have vascular endings that, when hit, can cause bleeding and pain to the pet.

However, if you already have experience and want to find good ways to trim them indoors, we have some tips to make the process easier for you and your pet. Check out:

Get your cat used to trimming her nails from the start

Cat's nails

If you’re wondering how many months you can cut a cat’s nail, here’s your answer. According to experts, the ideal is to wait for him to complete two months of life. From there, getting used to cutting your nails regularly is essential to be able to trim them indoors without difficulties in the process.

Use the proper cutter

Cat's nails

Unlike us humans, who can use scissors and other accessories to trim their nails, the ideal for pussies is to have cat pliers, specifically for cutting. This item facilitates the process and helps to avoid accidents.

Find the right position and the right time

Cat's nails

Finding the right time to trim your cat’s nails can be a daunting task. However, a tip is to look for situations in which you and he are comfortable. Do you know about nap time?! So maybe this is a perfect time.

Pay attention to the angle of the cut

Cat's nails

When trimming, the most suitable for felines is to make a cut at a 45º angle, paying close attention to the internal tissues of the nail. Taking great care and paying attention to this process is essential for the pet’s success and well-being.

Discover the benefits of scratchers

Cat's nails

In addition to taking care of the nails, giving cats moments of fun with the claws is essential, isn’t it?! For this, the cat scratchers do the job well.

Scratchers are accessories that contribute a lot to the well-being of animals. Knowing that scratching promotes relaxation, the toy reduces stress and provides good support for the cat to stretch.

Made with materials suitable for cats, it also serves to maintain the nails of pets. Thus, they are constantly sanded and can help control growth.

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