Cat Was Lost For 11 Years But Manages To Meet its Owner After a True Miracle

The loss of a pet is really something unfortunate and painful, not only for people but for animals that end up wandering helplessly through the streets.

This sad reality is part of the story of an old cat named Tiger. However, after 11 years, the help of a couple of angels has allowed it not only to have a home again but to return to its owner, was lost more than a decade ago.

Carol O’Connell is responsible for changing Tiger’s life; this woman works at the Animal Shelters Dutchess County SPCA (DCSPCA), in New York. The kitten began to approach the yard of her house; she could not ignore its situation.

Carol and her son Dan have fed Tiger for about three years, and little by little, they knew how to build their friendship and trust, but still, it looked like a fearful kitten.

After the bonds of trust were strengthened, Carol noticed that Tiger was not an ordinary stray cat.

Despite the fear, Tiger was quite affectionate and seemed to be a missing pet. For that reason, the woman decided to check if the cat had a chip.

Fortunately, Carol was right, and after scanning the device, she discovered that Tiger had a family, their names were John and Maggie Welz.

The news was a wave of emotion for the lady, but Carol wasn’t sure if the former owners would want her little friend back. However, she decided to leave the questions aside and contact them.

“Tiger’s family had given up on finding the cat, and we weren’t even sure they would want him again after all these years, but once they overcome the shock that tiger was still alive, they didn’t hesitate, they wanted the cat back right away,” he said. Peach

Tiger had escaped from its house when it was only three years old. In a Halloween celebration, this friend received a scare that made the cat run away in terror.

Maggie and her family searched Tiger for months, handed out pamphlets among their neighbors without obtaining any results. After a few months, the woman had given up the idea of ​​finding the cat. She had to move out of her house, and that would further complicate the situation; However, Maggie asked the new owner of the residence to let her know in case her feline friend returned home.

After 11 years of missing it, receiving a call announcing the appearance of Tiger was a real miracle.

The woman came excited to see her pet but was not sure that the animal remembered her. Tiger really surprised everyone in the place, because the moment of reunion was really emotional. The cat was curled up pleased by its owner, Tiger had recognized her.

Surprisingly, despite being wandering the streets, the animal looked quite healthy and only had some skin problems, little weight, and an injured eye, but overall, it was fine.

Maggie Welz was really shocked and grateful to the people who made the reunion possible.

After the news was published, some locals identified the cat and reported having fed it. It seems that during the lost years, Tiger had more than one helping hand. Now, the little animal has been able to return home to enjoy its last years full of the love of its family.

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