Behind The Paint Stains Of This Kitten Hides a Dramatic And Painful Story

It doesn’t matter how much some people try to make it appear that dyeing some pets’ hair with harmless or permanent paints is fine. There is nothing to justify a decision that could affect the health of the pet.

This was the case of the protagonist of this story. This is a young cat that was found in Arizona with red and blue paint on its fur. It was obvious that the cat was abandoned, and rescuers immediately noticed that its path had not been easy.

Luckily, this kitten reached the right hands at the right time.

It is not known how the cat got to the door of an animal shelter. All that is known is that the kitten reached the door of the enclosure and that this simple gesture became its first step towards freedom.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) announced that the kitten had reached its hands through its Rural Rescue program. This institution has a very tight budget, but this does not prevent them from helping around 4,000 animals a year, and this kitten was one of them.

The volunteers who attended the kitten realized that it was docile, which indicated that it possibly belonged to a home.

So, had the kitten escaped? Taking into account that the cat had red and blue paint on its hair, it is not surprising that the little girl ran away.

This is a sign of abuse in one way or another. The cat could have been in the care of irresponsible adults who allowed their children to disturb it in this way or possibly realized that they no longer wanted it in the family, so they decided to get rid of the cat.

However, there is a second hypothesis, even more frightening.

Believe it or not, cats and kittens usually are used as “bait animals” in dog fights. We know that it is brutal and simply terrible, but the people behind this repudiable practice, code the animals with at least a couple of colors.

The kitten was baptized with the name of Freedom for all the background behind the possible paint marks. Freedom is now waiting to be adopted. After all, that cat may have suffered, will need very loving parents to heal.

They hope to find the ideal home for this loving kitty

Luckily, this kitty had a happy ending. We hope you soon have the love and protection of a family, share the story.

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