Adorable Foster Kitten Smiles For The Camera Is Melting Millions Of Hearts

How not to get a beautiful smile? We have heard a lot to say that a smile costs nothing and is a great gift, and the image of the smile of this cute kitten has shown.

Lauren Boutz, a 41-year, loves our feline friends. Lauren regularly breeds cats for the Animal Welfare Department of the City of Albuquerque.

Lauren published a series of photographs of her new adoptive kittens, which have the names of The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup that has captured the hearts of millions of users on social networks.

Gary Sanchez, Lauren’s boyfriend, was responsible for the lovely photoshoot to document the progress of these little beings.

Fortunately, he managed to capture the precise moment in which Blossom smiled, making that moment one of the best photographs.

All the images are stunning, but without a doubt, Blossom’s smile is the most expressive.

Despite having only five weeks of life, Blossom has spent a lot of suffering; however, this little cat has not lost her spirit of struggle for life.

Blossom is very grateful to her adoptive mother, who has given her a second chance to live, giving her a home full of love.

After Lauren uploaded the photos on the internet, her beautiful kittens have gone viral, and Blossom’s smile has been a gift to the world.

“I’m really falling in love,” said one commentator.

There really is no one who resists that tender and special smiles. Everyone has been infected!

“It cured my depression!” Said one of the Twitter users.

The picture of Blossom smiling for the camera has exceeded 1.2 million likes after being shared on Twitter and Facebook, where the images were initially published, and thousands of people have shared it.

“I’m melting. It’s not my cat, but I wish it were, don’t tell my cats that I said that,” said another user.

Lauren took the opportunity to encourage people to adopt animals like these kittens, who have had an awful time and need a home that provides shelter and care.

“I’m not a fan of cats, but this picture is adorable,” was another comment.

Share it with your friends and loved ones, with no doubt; you will make their day.

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