6 reasons that will make you think that cats are the best pets

Cats are very intelligent, active, and playful animals. One of the main characteristics of this pet is that it can easily adapt to the needs of today’s life: it does not require guided walks outside our home, it does not need large spaces, it accepts to spend many moments alone, it performs for itself much of its personal hygiene, deposits their dejection in a specific place and are very affectionate animals . Given this, the cat is a sweet and quite peculiar option. We tell you why.

1. Don’t need much time

The cat should not be taken for a walk during the day to exercise and their needs, something mandatory with a dog. Also, cats get less dirty not only because they go to the sandbox themselves, but also because they instinctively cover their needs so that it doesn’t smell bad

2. They need little care

In general, a cat needs less attention than a dog. For example, not only do you get rid of it for a walk, but you also have to bathe it less, it is not even necessary to keep it clean. Also, its feeding is related to its size so that it can be less expensive than that of a large dog.

3. Good with children and elderly and affectionate

A false myth attributed to the cat one cantankerous and independent character, when, in fact, it is free-spirited animals treated with love is faithful and loving, as loyal as a dog.

They have their own language to show tenderness, and they are not troublemakers with elders and children. For example, they caress you with their body as a sign of affection, while dogs tend to lick.

4. Silent and quiet, but not boring

A cat makes people laugh and enjoy life in their company, and it is tender when purring and hugging it relaxes, driving away big and small worries. Also, they still walk silently through the house and spend good times on their own, understanding with every little thing. They are big sleepers and also know how to play with each other or with us.

5. They need less space

For a small apartment, a cat is better than a dog, for a simple matter of space that is noticeable when moving the animal and moving the rest of the inhabitants of the house. At the time of the emergency to go out, barking at midnight, the destruction of decorative objects.

6. You gain independence

Not having to walk the cat is a relief, but besides this, having a feline pet means being able to leave home for several days without problems. It is enough to leave the sandbox clean, water, and food for that time to be able to go without a heartache.

Likewise, if the trip is longer, someone can approach your house for a little while every two days to check the cat and update you about it. When you return, the cat will undoubtedly have missed you, but without traumas, and will show you purring, looking at you with love.

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