16 Strangest Cat Behavior Explained (Jaw-Dropping Cat Facts)

cats are incredible animals which will be amazing companion pets but sometimes their behavior can leave an individual completely confused often wondering what it is that’s happening in their minds if you’re a dog owner or are comparing your cat’s behavior thereto of your dog you will end up scratching your head more often than not cats are quirky and unique and their strange behavior is part of the rationale we love best friend hopefully these 16 explanations will help you to seek out out why they are doing the things they are doing

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16– cramming into tiny places your cat may have the run of your house with every piece of furniture at their disposal to sleep on but they prefer to cram themselves into the tiniest spots perhaps it is a cardboard box or a drawer in your cupboard so why do they are doing it it probably stems from a time before cats were domesticated the tiny spaces make them feel safe and secure sleeping in an open area sprawled out would make them an ideal target for predators if they were still outside and within the wild their natural instinct is to cover during a small space or hidden area making it difficult for natural predators to seek out them

15– making dough or kneading when your cat constantly pushes on you at their front feet and claws often purring loudly while they are doing it this action looks tons like kneading dough this starts just after a cat is born this kneading action is employed to stimulate milk production from their mother ensuring that they need a gentle flow of milk in their youth on earth because your cat associates the heat of their mother and a full belly with feelings of happiness they’ll continue to do this whenever they feel content or happy with you.

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