12 Curious things that almost no one knows about cats

The cats are strange creatures. We try to tame them like dogs and still remain independent and somewhat mysterious; you just have to remember the famous cat Garfield to realize it.

We all know some of its characteristics, such as being able to sleep 16 hours. However, the facts we bring you today are quite strange, and not only will they make you know cats much better, but they will leave you with your mouth open.

All the secrets that cats hide:

1- Sweat

Cats sweat with heat and exercise, as we humans do, the difference is that they do it through their paws. Many times they lick themselves to wipe sweat and cool off. So it’s not always just cleaning the dust, its sweat too.

2- Purrs

It may seem crazy, but it’s totally true. The purring of cats not only occurs when they are happy, but they also do it to heal. This is because their purr is emitted at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hz, the same frequency at which muscles and bones better recover.

3- Survival

If you get stuck on a desert island, you should know that you cannot drink the sea water to stay hydrated. However, your cat can do it since its kidneys are much more efficient than ours.

4- Falls

We have always heard that cats land standing fall from the height they fall. This occurs because they have an innate reflection through which they turn and arch their bodies, as if they were an umbrella, before touching the ground.

5- Dams

Cats bring us their prey after hunting because they think that we are not able to do it and that without them, we would not feed.

6- Unique noses

The noses of cats are like our fingerprints, unique to each cat. Strange? Buts it’s true.

7- Cleaning

Cats spend half of their life cleaning themselves. All cat owners relate to this point because they see their cat always cleaning itself.

8- Invasive species

Cats are considered an invasive species since they are all over the world, and their growth does not stop.

9- Routine Change

Healthy cats can get sick when their life routines are altered, so don’t be surprised if your cat vomits or doesn’t eat after a move or a big change in its life.

10- Lawn

It’s normal to see cats eating grass, right? This is because they ingest herbs that help them vomit and cleanse their bodies.

11- Right-handed or left-handed

Cats, like us, have a dominant leg. Most male cats are usually left-handed, while females are usually right-handed.

12- Mustaches

Their mustaches are not only aesthetic, but they are essential to detect and feel the things that surround them since they are connected to your cat’s nervous system.

If you are a cat lover and you know many more curiosities about these peculiar animals, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments section.

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