10 things your dog hates

If you are a dog owner, then you will probably wonder what the top 10 things your dog hates are. Dogs tend to tolerate other people’s behavior as long as they are loyal and friendly. Some dogs are aggressive and possessive. They want to be the boss and will do whatever it takes to control your every movement. Other dogs will bark continuously, even if you are not around. Some dogs simply don’t take kindly to criticism and always seem to take offense. You’ll also find that dogs have different opinions about acceptable and unacceptable behavior. But, there can be some annoying things that you do that irritate your pet dog without warning.

1.Dropping something on the dog’s tummy

For example, you might accidentally drop something on your dog’s tummy or drop something without realizing it, upsetting his tummy. Or perhaps your dog puts the brakes on when you attempt to clean him up.

2.Strong fragrances

Strong fragrances, especially on perfume and Cologne are another source of irritation for your pet dog. Some dogs just don’t like strong fragrances. But, other dogs get very upset with even the smallest amount of mild or overpowering scents. Whether the scent is strong or subtle, your animal has an opinion about it, and it is not nice!

3.Changing his foods

Certain foods may upset your animals stomach. Dogs have their own unique way of tolerating and reacting to food. If your dog doesn’t react positively to a particular food, he may find it distasteful. It is important to be consistent with your teaching and keep the same diet for all dogs, or they will be miserable. You may find that a simple change in brand can create a huge difference for your pet.

4.Changing his toys

Some dogs prefer one particular breed, while others will tolerate a variety. But, don’t assume that just because one dog likes a certain breed of toy that he will like it the next time you bring him out. Give each dog the toy he likes and see how he reacts.


One of the most annoying things for dogs are loud noises. They have a difficult time processing noises that are too loud. You may want to consider having your dogs trained so that he can handle unexpected noises better. This can be a lot of fun, but it will take a lot of patience on your part. Keep a close eye on him and make sure that he understands what you want him to do.

6.Being picked

Dogs hate being picked on, teased, and called names. You may find that if your dogs are used to being picked on that he will rebel against you if he feels that someone has been picking on him. There are many ways to handle this, from a large amount of patience to reassuring your dog that he is loved. The bottom line is that you must show your dogs that you love them.

7.Others pets around

If you have other dogs or puppies in your home, it is extremely important that you care and pay attention to all of them so any of them will feel neglected.

8.People around

Other than dogs, people are also annoying to some dogs. When your dog gets annoyed at other people, make sure you keep a closer eye on him or try to keep your dog calm when this happens.

9.Body language

Another thing that your dog may find annoying is certain body language next to you. Some dogs will turn away from you when you walk by or they may jump on you or lay down. Other dogs will greet you with a little wave or a smile. There are a few steps you can take that will allow you to easily change the way your dog feels about approaching you. Watch for his body language next time you are out and about and you may find that he is suddenly very happy to see you.


Some dogs may find yelling very frightening, so maybe you could try to take some lessons in how to handle your fearful dog before yelling at him. While yelling can get your dog’s attention, it can also scare him. You’ll know if your screaming has had an effect when you see him trying to avoid you.

Conclusion :

If you do not know where to start when it comes to training your dog, you should consider consulting an animal behaviorist. An animal behaviorist has studied and worked with many different types of animals including dogs. If you are having any type of problems or would like to know what is causing your dog’s bad behavior, consult an animal behaviorist for help. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to keep your dog then you have to learn to control his behavior. Although there are several different tips and techniques that you can use to train your dog, harsh punishment is not one of them.