10 things your dog hates

If you are a dog owner, then you will probably wonder what the top 10 things your dog hates are. Dogs tend to tolerate other people’s behavior as long as they are loyal and friendly. Some dogs are aggressive and possessive. They want to be the boss and will do whatever it takes to control your every movement. Other dogs will bark continuously, even if you are not around. Some dogs simply don’t take kindly to criticism and always seem to take offense. You’ll also find that dogs have different opinions about acceptable and unacceptable behavior. But, there can be some annoying things that you do that irritate your pet dog without warning.

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1.Dropping something on the dog’s tummy

For example, you might accidentally drop something on your dog’s tummy or drop something without realizing it, upsetting his tummy. Or perhaps your dog puts the brakes on when you attempt to clean him up.